1 000 000 DISCIPLES

in a Christian community via modern media by 2030

Real impact

Making disciples of Jesus Christ in the 10/40 Window using culturally appropriate visual media produced by in-country partners

West Africa


“I am free” Denise (33 years old) was left by her husband: “We married young and were blessed with three children. I encouraged him to get his diplomas to become a doctor. In the meantime I was working at the land to provide for our livelihood. After his devotion to doctor he took another women, because I didn’t suit him anymore. That was so painful. I felt very lonely and…



“I was so happy!” Assad is very courageous. After seeing one of our programs, he contacted our counsellors. Afghanistan is a closed country where it is dangerous to be a Christian. He asked questions about the Bible and followed Bible studies by telephone. After a while heaven cheered. Assad gave his life to Jesus! But how did he come into contact with other Christians? They come together in secret. “I…

“A curse changed in a blessing”


Central Asia – Evgenia (43 years old): “Everything went wrong in my life. My husband passed away, and my sister’s husband too. We started to rebuild our lives and tried to earn an income to support ourselves as well as our two disabled sisters. We bought chickens and a cow to sell eggs and milk. All went wrong. I became ill and got the wrong medication, which damaged my organs….


With your financial support, individuals living in inaccessible countries can hear the gospel.
Every donation makes a difference!

Your financial support can help bring the gospel to individuals living in inaccessible countries. Every donation counts!

Through a variety of approaches such as drama series, street interviews, music, dance, and personal stories, 3xM partners have been successful in creating programs that address specific social issues of a given country or region. These programs are unique in that they tackle issues like domestic violence, acid attacks, eve-teasing, corruption, and other forms of human injustice.


3xM Takes Action: Providing Aid to Pakistan’s Flood Victims

Pakistan is in dire need of aid. The recent monsoon flood has devastated the people of this beautiful nation. A third of the country is underwater, and more than 1,100 people have died (with the…

3xM Pakistan Partner Video Wins Big!

Part of our partner’s strategy to acquire a larger footprint within the national broadcasting landscape in Pakistan, is to create public service announcements (PSA) in partnership with the national government. The intention being to leverage…

3xM starts new ministry in Japan

3xM starts media ministry project in Japan

A 10-year evangelical journey to the East culminates in the land of the rising sun. Following nearly a decade of prayer, planning, and navigating the nuances of cross-cultural collaboration, God has given 3xM the greenlight…

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