Spreading the gospel

Surpassing borders, thresholds and cultural barriers with quality TV programming.
Programs broadcasted in hard to reach countries where Christian television is either scarce or non existent.

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3xM – More Message in the Media works together with local partners in Bangladesh, Pakistan, West Africa and Central Asia.

Programs use drama and storytelling techniques while intertwining the gospel with relevant social issues.

3xM is committed to working together with church leaders within the target country. We believe this cooperative approach is fundamental to work in Gods kingdom.

Would you join us in proclaiming the gospel in these inaccessible countries?

Our work


3xM is addressing social injustice in Bangladesh via high quality television programs. Topics like acid attacks, corruption and the trafficking of women are courageously addressed. The message brought in these programs is exceptional. A conscience-piercing truth intertwined with an overwhelming message of freedom. Every victim is precious in Gods eyes and for every offender there is forgiveness.
Drama programs are broadcasted weekly on the nations most popular drama channel. Pastoral follow-up is available to program viewers after each broadcast.

Ivory Coast

The West African region is a difficult place to share the gospel openly. The Islam is growing rapidly. While indigenous superstitions and Voodoo hold many in a vice. Television is reaching millions in West Africa today. Viewer responses confirm the immense impact 3xM programs have across the region.
Programs are not only broadcast via television, but are also being shown in waiting rooms, high schools and even in mosques. Throughout all the programs, a biblical message of hope restoration and change is presented. Equipping viewers with an alternative to the norm. At the end of each program a phone number is provided so that people are able to respond and after care can be offered.


In Pakistan it is not normal to be a Christian. Ignorance and illiteracy have contributed to rise in the Islam within society. Individuals are longing for the message of peace and unconditional love. Many individuals in the rural regions of Pakistan are illiterate. But the beauty of film is that a message can be communicated without any form of literacy.
Our partner in Pakistan travels throughout the rural countryside showing film productions. The showings are well received and have proven a unique opportunity to share about Jesus and his love!


With your financial support, individuals living in inaccessible countries can hear the gospel. Every donation makes a difference!

3xM partners successfully use a variety of approaches in making the programs, including drama series, street interviews, music, dance and personal stories. The programs are unique in that they address specific social issues of a given country or region. Issues including domestic violence, acid attacks, eave teasing, HIV/Aids, corruption as well as other forms of human injustice.


“A curse changed in a blessing”

Central Asia - Evgenia (43 years old): “Everything went wrong in my life. My husband passed away, and my sister’s husband too. We started to rebuild our lives and tried to earn an income to support ourselves as well as our two disabled sisters. We bought chickens and...

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Deeply touched by the films about Jesus

Pakistan - “The greatest miracles are when people accept Jesus”, shares our Pakistani partner: “Yousaf was one of them. He (58 years old) is married and has seven children. They are illiterate due to the poverty in their country. Yousaf is working as a farmer in the...

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Your support makes the difference

Real Impact

Real stories from real people describing the impact 3xM television programs have had on their life


Central Asia!

“It’s hard to explain exactly what I feel. After watching a television program about Christ, I put my faith in Him. My conversion not only brought with it a wave of hope, but also sparked a hunger to know more about Jesus. I started reading books about Him. Now I am so happy in Him, I don’t have the words to describe the joy I feel inside!”


Central African Republic

“A while ago I watched a Miel Mortel episode about HIV/AIDS on television: a man who was HIV positive was abandoned by his wife when she found out. Nobody can tell, but I am HIV positive too. I used to tell people, but many of my friends rejected me. So I stopped telling others. I no longer trusted anybody.”


Côte d’Ivoire

While zapping from one channel to another one day, I found the Miel Mortel program. “Success” was the theme of that episode. That is precisely what Michel, who was unemployed, has been thinking about for some time. On TV I saw a young girl like me: she lived a carefree life and showed no consideration for anything or anybody.