Spreading the gospel

Million lives are changed through the gospel via TV and social media and discipling new believers in hard to reach countries.

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Real impact


“I was so happy!”

Assad is very courageous. After seeing one of our programs, he contacted our counsellors. Afghanistan is a closed country where it is dangerous to be a Christian. He asked questions about the Bible and followed Bible studies by telephone. After a while heaven cheered. Assad gave his life to Jesus! But how did he come into contact with other Christians?

Central Asia

“A curse changes in a blessing”

Evgenia (43 years old): “Everything went wrong in my life. My husband passed away, and my sister’s husband too. We started to rebuild our lives and tried to earn an income to support ourselves as well as our two disabled sisters. We bought chickens and a cow to sell eggs and milk. All went wrong. I became ill and got the wrong medication, which damaged my organs. Desperately I called Leila, a counsellor from a 3xM-program on YouTube. Leila was my only chance.

West Africa

“I am free”

Denise (33 years old) was left by her husband: “We married young and were blessed with three children. I encouraged him to get his diplomas to become a doctor. In the meantime I was working at the land to provide for our livelihood. After his devotion to doctor he took another women, because I didn’t suit him anymore. That was so painful. I felt very lonely and was angry. Till I watched a TV program from 3xM.


With your financial support, individuals living in inaccessible countries can hear the gospel. Every donation makes a difference!

3xM partners successfully use a variety of approaches in making the programs, including drama series, street interviews, music, dance and personal stories. The programs are unique in that they address specific social issues of a given country or region. Issues including domestic violence, acid attacks, eave teasing, HIV/Aids, corruption as well as other forms of human injustice.

Our work


Our partner

“For me, the greatest miracles are when people accept Jesus”, shares our partner from Pakistan: “Yousaf was one of the 20,000 visitors of the 150 film showings. He was deeply touched by the films about the life of Jesus and the book of Revelation.


Our new director

“I searched the truth in the Islam reading the Quran. But I discovered an ideology of fear. My heart was sure there is someone who has created this amazing universe. I started giving time in prayer and after a long time I met a Godly man who preached Gods truth in a Muslim culture.

Central Asia

Our counselor

“A lady called us after watching a program about family violence. She had problems with her husband and one time he hit her with a knife. I told her that in this situation only Jesus could help her. She agreed to pray for this situation. This Sunday she called again and said that she had a dream. She saw Jesus and gave her life to him.”

Foreword Martien Timmer

I am very enthusiastic about wat the Lord is doing in our work. I see that He is opening doors in countries that seems impossible. In hard to reach countries we are able to reach the hearts of people and bring them to Jesus. Join us now, and become part of this adventure with the Lord!


Deeply touched by the films about Jesus

Pakistan - “The greatest miracles are when people accept Jesus”, shares our Pakistani partner: “Yousaf was one of them. He (58 years old) is married and has seven children. They are illiterate due to the poverty in their country. Yousaf is working as a farmer in the...

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Sharing the gospel by counseling women

Jaya (25 years old): “The training helps me a lot in my practical walk with Jesus. It encourages me to serve the Lord daily. Since then I realize that it is amazing to have education. My mother is illiterate. That is why I started to share with her the Bible stories...

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